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Religion and Spirituality: Living a Christian Life

For a long time, I thought I knew what it meant to be a Christian. I had been baptised and I used to go to Sunday school every week as a child. However, as I got older, I lost my faith. I only realised how far I had drifted from the flock when my mother passed away. At her funeral, I realised I hadn't visited a church in many years. This realisation made me reevaluate my entire life. I decided to return to the church so I could learn how to live a Christian life. I hope you enjoy my story.

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3 Vital Points to Consider Before Seeing a Psychic Medium
13 July 2019

In the past, the number of psychic medium sceptics

3 Vital Points to Consider Before Seeing a Psychic Medium

In the past, the number of psychic medium sceptics was high, and this was attributed to the fact that very few people understood what psychic mediums were all about. However, this is changing today, as many psychic mediums have become part of the general field of wellness. For instance, if you recently lost a loved one unexpectedly and would like to reconnect with them, seeing a psychic medium is not at all strange. That said, you need to consider a few aspects before booking an appointment with a psychic medium.

Your Current State of Grief

Losing a loved one unexpectedly can take a toll on both your emotional and psychological well-being. If it is a recent loss, then the chances that you are still rooted in grief are high. Furthermore, you might be wishing that there was a way you could bring the loved one back, and your incapacity to do that can lead to anger and depression. Therefore, it is vital to be honest about your feelings. If you find that you are still in the grieving stage, then it would be wise to seek counselling first before seeing a psychic medium. The reason is that most people that don't take time to process and come to terms with the loss often end up interfering with their normal grieving process. 

Keep an Open Mind

If you are going to see a psychic medium for the first time, then it is best to keep an open mind. While a psychic medium will not refuse you help even if you harbour preconceived beliefs about their services, the psychic will advise that you leave the views at the door. Some of the conversations you have with a psychic medium might not make sense at first; therefore, you might want to take notes or record the session for later reference. You will be surprised at how much of the information that did not resonate at first makes sense later. By keeping an open mind, you will take every bit of information that the psychic delivers.

Keep Expectations Low

As mentioned earlier, losing a loved one unexpectedly is hard to take. Therefore, most people decide to ring up a psychic medium and book an appointment to channel a loved one. Since the person has set it in their mind that a psychic medium can help to communicate with a deceased relative or friend, they get disappointed if nothing of that sort happens. Keeping your expectations high before seeing a psychic medium is counterproductive and only ends in more grief. As such, ensure that you keep your expectations low so that you are not left disappointed if a deceased loved one doesn't communicate.